Monday, July 08, 2013

Mostly About Ethan - July 8, 2013

Happy Monday, Everyone! Apologies for not posting yesterday - it was super busy: swimming at Salmon River, cleaning the house plus I made my famous curry chicken...Tony came up for supper and after, we made cookies for Mom and Dad (Isaac and Ethan helped, complete with Isaac liberally covering himself with flour - much to Tony's amusement!). Ended up going to town with Tony and her friends (Kohowye and Kanisha) for a Ben and Jerry's run ... it was a fuller day than I thought it would be but so fun and productive - gotta love those days!!

Today I felt tired and a bit sicker probably because I overdid it a little yesterday. Isaac, Ethan and I had a slow morning .... my energy picked up around 10:30 a.m. and then I kept busy all day. Ethan ruled the day because either he is teething or it's that cold still hanging on (or both) but, man, was he ever super fussy! I breastfed him many times today and he still was fussy...poor baby! I have to remember to put his amber stone in his pillowcase for the pain.

After supper, Kiew-nik took the boys outside and I made a card. My cards have been really inspired by Mama Nature lately...lots of natural colours. I used stamps that I haven't used much yet ... I'm happy with it - if anyone has any feedback, please leave a comment. Peace and love to all!!

Here is the card I made today (photo compliments of Kiew-nik):

Hummingbird Thanks Card

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