Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday Surprise - July 6, 2013

Hello to all!!
It was a good day: I am finally starting to feel better - we saw our favorite Nurse Practitioner in the whole world, Cindy McCarthy, who let me know that I was still sick - which I knew but it's somehow good to hear it be "official" (I had no hesitation to nap this afternoon!)... another course of antibiotics for me and 2 puffers to help me breathe easier (bronchitis) ... and I already feel a tiny bit better today so yayyyy!!!! Makes me very happy!

Also, got a call today from Tony (my niece and plus we're good friends) who said "well, today's the day" - her cat, Shpumkins was in labor so I went down to be with them...she had 6 beautiful kittens - it was so emotional and it was humbling to see those little kittens being born...I mean, that's life in it's essence right there.... I'm grateful that I was there.

Came home to see the boys playing in their little pool so I joined them, we all came in later and danced to some iTunes and munched out on some roasted edamame (a big hit with all of us), we watched How to Train A Dragon for awhile then bed for the boys.

Talked to my Dad earlier who said they are home and Mom is doing well - another big yayyy!!! They go back on Monday. Prayers and good energy sent for my Mom, Marilyn Nicholas, please.

I made a card today and I like how it turned out. I used the new brads that I mentioned yesterday. Kiew-nik (my Love) took a pic:

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  1. Wonderful card skill's hon. Your work gets better and better evry time you make a card. :) I love spending every day with you. You are my world.