Friday, July 12, 2013

Already Friday! July 12, 2013

Hi everybody! Wow, haven't posted since Tuesday and I really did miss's been busy. Not stressful but filled-to-the-rim kind of busy. We have had appointments, lots of playing outside, and some late nights (for me anyway, I know that "late" is subjective to each person). One night I sat out at Uncle Barry's porch with him, Tatawnyha and a nice couple: Jeanette and Gene. We talked about so many things and it was so good to hear old stories about Tobique, hearing family and community history - I love that stuff! I actually worked on Tobique genealogy for awhile at one point - so interesting. We saw an eagle soaring overhead which is significant for Native people ... beautiful!

I got a pedi this morning and it looks so cute - a nice pink - yayyy, now I have pretty toes!

Made two cards yesterday, one for my Mom and Dad but only one worked out. I used a technique called triple time stamping and it always turns out so nice.  It's for my Dad's birthday which was last month but was too sick at the time to make cards, but better late than never. Here it is (photo by Kiew-nik):

Dad's Birthday Card

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday Greetings - July 9, 2013

Hello everyone! It was a good day overall: slow morning with the boys, lunch with their Dad and we spent most of the afternoon outside. They played in their pool and ran around the yard while I cleaned the van, car seats and stroller. I realized that we need a new stroller - probably will get a newer version of the one we have because it's so good on trails. We like to take a lot of walks/hikes and the trails can get pretty rough so we use Jeep strollers ( I saw one here in the community one time and loved it!)...maybe next week we can budget it in....anyway, after we came back in, Ethan became fussy and overall was not a happy boy. Spent the rest of the afternoon soothing him and he finally settled for a nap. I watched one of my favorite shows after: Million Dollar Decorators - I really love that show! The designers have such unique, quirky characters and they really are talented. Martyn is my favorite.

Lately I've been into patchouli, and actually I have always been but I have been using it more lately. I strongly believe that you are drawn to what you need so I looked up the healing properties of it and found that it helps with many things: skin ailments (acne), the common cold; spiritually and emotionally it is grounding and calming. Several sources say to get oil that is a deep brown and it is an oil that gets better as it ages (so mine must be good - lol!). Plus the smell is so rich - I simply love it!

I made a card today that is quite colorful - I used a lot of different stamps plus some new washi tape that I have been dying to use. Kiew-nik took a pic and what's really cute is that you can see Ethan's little ride-on car on the left (my baby is part of everything I do!).

I hope you all like the card - leave comments to let me know:

A Friendship Card

Monday, July 08, 2013

Mostly About Ethan - July 8, 2013

Happy Monday, Everyone! Apologies for not posting yesterday - it was super busy: swimming at Salmon River, cleaning the house plus I made my famous curry chicken...Tony came up for supper and after, we made cookies for Mom and Dad (Isaac and Ethan helped, complete with Isaac liberally covering himself with flour - much to Tony's amusement!). Ended up going to town with Tony and her friends (Kohowye and Kanisha) for a Ben and Jerry's run ... it was a fuller day than I thought it would be but so fun and productive - gotta love those days!!

Today I felt tired and a bit sicker probably because I overdid it a little yesterday. Isaac, Ethan and I had a slow morning .... my energy picked up around 10:30 a.m. and then I kept busy all day. Ethan ruled the day because either he is teething or it's that cold still hanging on (or both) but, man, was he ever super fussy! I breastfed him many times today and he still was fussy...poor baby! I have to remember to put his amber stone in his pillowcase for the pain.

After supper, Kiew-nik took the boys outside and I made a card. My cards have been really inspired by Mama Nature lately...lots of natural colours. I used stamps that I haven't used much yet ... I'm happy with it - if anyone has any feedback, please leave a comment. Peace and love to all!!

Here is the card I made today (photo compliments of Kiew-nik):

Hummingbird Thanks Card