Friday, July 12, 2013

Already Friday! July 12, 2013

Hi everybody! Wow, haven't posted since Tuesday and I really did miss's been busy. Not stressful but filled-to-the-rim kind of busy. We have had appointments, lots of playing outside, and some late nights (for me anyway, I know that "late" is subjective to each person). One night I sat out at Uncle Barry's porch with him, Tatawnyha and a nice couple: Jeanette and Gene. We talked about so many things and it was so good to hear old stories about Tobique, hearing family and community history - I love that stuff! I actually worked on Tobique genealogy for awhile at one point - so interesting. We saw an eagle soaring overhead which is significant for Native people ... beautiful!

I got a pedi this morning and it looks so cute - a nice pink - yayyy, now I have pretty toes!

Made two cards yesterday, one for my Mom and Dad but only one worked out. I used a technique called triple time stamping and it always turns out so nice.  It's for my Dad's birthday which was last month but was too sick at the time to make cards, but better late than never. Here it is (photo by Kiew-nik):

Dad's Birthday Card

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