Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday Greetings - July 9, 2013

Hello everyone! It was a good day overall: slow morning with the boys, lunch with their Dad and we spent most of the afternoon outside. They played in their pool and ran around the yard while I cleaned the van, car seats and stroller. I realized that we need a new stroller - probably will get a newer version of the one we have because it's so good on trails. We like to take a lot of walks/hikes and the trails can get pretty rough so we use Jeep strollers ( I saw one here in the community one time and loved it!)...maybe next week we can budget it in....anyway, after we came back in, Ethan became fussy and overall was not a happy boy. Spent the rest of the afternoon soothing him and he finally settled for a nap. I watched one of my favorite shows after: Million Dollar Decorators - I really love that show! The designers have such unique, quirky characters and they really are talented. Martyn is my favorite.

Lately I've been into patchouli, and actually I have always been but I have been using it more lately. I strongly believe that you are drawn to what you need so I looked up the healing properties of it and found that it helps with many things: skin ailments (acne), the common cold; spiritually and emotionally it is grounding and calming. Several sources say to get oil that is a deep brown and it is an oil that gets better as it ages (so mine must be good - lol!). Plus the smell is so rich - I simply love it!

I made a card today that is quite colorful - I used a lot of different stamps plus some new washi tape that I have been dying to use. Kiew-nik took a pic and what's really cute is that you can see Ethan's little ride-on car on the left (my baby is part of everything I do!).

I hope you all like the card - leave comments to let me know:

A Friendship Card

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