Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday @ Maggie's Falls - July 14, 2013

Hello everyone!!  What a good weekend it was - so full! Yesterday we headed to Salmon River in the morning to go swimming (after having Kiew-nik's famous omelette, which is yummy btw!). We were having so much fun: swimming, laying in the sun and snacking and then .... the leech!!! It was on Isaac's hand and wanted to stay there - Kiew-nik had a hard time taking it off...well, that was the end of our day at the river...super sad for all of us but we did have fun while we were there so not a complete loss. We came home to play in their little pool and run through the sprinklers...nap time for me and the babe (Ethan).

Today the baby got up so early but I went back to bed at 5:30 so him and his Dad could have some time and enjoy their morning together (lol - not sure if Kiew-nik saw it that way!!). So happy that Richard (Kiew-nik's uncle) came to mow the lawn. After breakfast, we headed to Maggie's Falls which is a local treasure that I didn't even know about growing up. It's just outside of Arthurette, N.B. We walked to the falls after parking (takes around 20 minutes) and once you get there, you have to go down a steep slope to get to the base of the Falls. Isaac and I fell and went sliding down the slope a bit - a little scary but we were okay. Once we got to the bottom, we went right in the water and pretty much stayed in the water the whole time. OMG, the horse flies were phenomenally bad on the way back (made us walk faster!). Of course, the babe and I went for a nap after while Kiew and Isaac did their thing. Woke to supper made (yesterday too - god, I love my man!). Made a card after we ate while the guys went to the park, then relax time and bed for the boys.

I have got to send a big THANK YOU to Tatawnyha Nicholas (my cousin and my good friend) who treated me on Friday at Governor's in Presque Isle, Maine - we went shopping and took a supper break. She really spoiled me  and I sooo appreciate it. We had a fantastic meal and I love her company!!

Here's a pic of my card - used some new washi tape and stickers I have (photo by Kiew-nik):

Little Birdie Hello Card

This is a pic of Maggie's Falls that Kiew'nik took:

Maggie's Falls - July 14th, 2013
Thinking of My Mom so much today - sending her LOVE and prayers - Please Creator, let her treatment be successful!!! 

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  1. had a wonderful time. Time with the family, my kind of weekend :)