Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainy Tuesday - Filling In the Gaps

I find that since Mom died (still hard to even write that let alone say it) there are these gaps that I am trying to fill in... spaces in my heart that miss her. I know on one level that she will always be with me yet I want to hug her and to talk to her in person, I want to see her facial expressions and hear her responses... I want to smell her beautiful scent that permeated everything she wore (even her purses had that good smell!).

I know that all of us in the family are all coping and thankfully reaching out to each other which is so very good. I love all my sisters, my nieces and nephews... we all carry a part of her.

It was a gray, mostly rainy day - the boys and I spent it quietly. I still have that lingering cold so I tried to rest when I could. I have been texting lately which I haven't done since Isaac was a baby...a good way to keep in touch and feel connected.

On that note, my sister Laurie texted me last night to say that we were going to have a full moon ceremony for Mom at the beach...it was beautiful and quietly powerful. Afterwards, Laurie and I offered some of our hair (with tobacco) to the fire in honor of our Mother. After the other women (and Dain) left the beach, Laurie, Tony and I reminisced in the car...

Yesterday I made a card which didn't turn out as planned but I still like it. Forgive the quality ( I took it with my cell phone). This is made from a paper collection that I bought - it reminded me of Mom plus it has one of the flower brads that I bought for her card (posted a pic yesterday). Used some EK Success paper punches too:

Purple Hello Card

Love and peace to all!!


  1. This did turn out so nice...you did a good job!

  2. Thanks, Tawn - it's so nice to hear positive comments! It was a fun card to make.