Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Family Summer Soul Camp

Our Indoor Family Summer Soul Retreat

Hello To All!
Today I'm sharing an activity that me and my boys did for an online workshop I am taking from Heather Bruggeman (Beauty That Moves). This workshop is called Summer Soul Camp 2015. I was invited by my niece (and one of my closest friends!) Oona Nicholas. Oona and I also have taken the Whole Food Kitchen Workshop from Heather.

What a lovely idea to have some time set aside at the beginning of summer to reflect on what one feels about summer: the feelings and memories it evokes, what it inspires us to do, what it means to us as individuals.

There are many activities that Heather has in store for us in the days ahead. Yesterday we did some journal writing and developed our own vision boards & mantras, today was about setting up our own Soul Camps, items and location chosen by us.

The idea was to take items that you already have and make your own summer retreat. What a blast it turned out to be...the boys helped me and wanted their own space too. Since it is rainy today, we set up Summer Soul Retreats inside although items can be taken outside on sunny days.

This is a closer view of the items we choose to be a part of it:
There are books, magazines, my workshop binder & journal, craft supplies (planning to watercolor the next couple of days) and also to set a nice mood we set down a Native blanket my sister gave me, a softly lit lamp, a plant and some hand picked flowers, rocks collected from our family walks. In the background is the vision board I did yesterday.

I got the boys to chose the items they wanted in their Soul Retreat:
Ethan Getting Creative
They picked out: a nice lamp, a plant, books & markers, pads of paper and they too wanted their vision board to set the tone for their space.

My mantra for the summer is:

The eye of my eyes are opened.
- E.E. Cummings

This quote is so fitting for me as I feel I have to slow down and enjoy each moment...I want to see what is right in front of me: to focus on what I have rather than on the have-nots...to be grateful for whom and what is in my life. I have much to give thanks for.

Loving this workshop because it's helping me to take a calmer approach to summer, to allow myself and my family to embrace it, to celebrate it for the summer season is a special time to cherish.

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