Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life Update - Part 1 (Mostly Wedding)

Wow - I haven't wrote on this blog since September! Major life events have happened since then: Kiew-nik and I were married, I now home school Isaac, of course there was Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and this week, Isaac lost his first (and second!) tooth...there have been challenges for our family that I won't go into but we are still enjoying life. One just has to take the lead of children: things affect them but they still laugh and play, they enjoy everyday life... they still *shine*.

We focus on all the positive events that have happened and I can speak for myself that I am so very grateful for my boys, the love that my husband and I share...the life we lead.

October 18, 2014 - Our Wedding Day: 

Getting ready - Feeling happy & nervous! Christopher Jenkins (that sweetie!) in the background.

My friend, Tracey Perley and me just after I put my wedding dress on (she helped me get ready)

Walking up to the platform to meet everyone. My sister Laurie, Isaac and Ethan walked with us (of course!)
Mr. and Mrs. Kiew-nik Neptune
Ethan (looking determined!)
Isaac looking so sweet!!
We were married at The Marina in Grand Falls, N.B.:
The Marina - river side view
The Marina has meaning for us: we had one of our first dates here: we took our take-out and ate outside (they have picnic tables) and also we have taken our boys here many times to eat, play by the water and connect to a local walking trail.
The Marina - View from the road
Family and friends came from our community (Tobique First Nation), from Maine and Fredericton, N.B.:
My sister, Laurie and I
Kiew-nik and his sister, Charlene
Kiew-nik, his Mother, Barbara and me
Kiew-nik, me and my Godparents, Graydon and Beth Nicholas
Me holding my beautiful niece, Gema - she is such a cutie!!
Stealing a kiss down by the river!
Our wedding cake
More of My Life Update to come soon plus card creations too!!

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