Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remembering Mom - One Year Without Her

It's been 1 year since my Mom, Marilyn Katherine Nicholas, died. I think of her everyday and laugh when I think of what she would say in certain situations. I think the best way to honor her is to enjoy Life and to see the beauty of every day, being thankful for what I have in my Life. I admit though there are days that I cry for her, for dreams lost...for My Mom.

She was unique, she said what was on her mind, she cared for her family beyond measure, she had breakfast every morning and never skipped meals, she was fashionable, she was beautiful....Kiew-nik told me once "nobody will ever love us like your Mother". He was right. Rest well, Mom, I pray that your new journey is going well. You are missed, you are loved.

A Card I made for my Mom, Marilyn

Another card I made for Mom

My Mom, Marilyn Katherine Nicholas

Me and Mom  ~ 12 years ago

My Parents & me ~ 5 years ago
So give your Mom a hug, call her and tell her you love her, cherish her voice....let the arguments go, you'll only ever have one Mom.


  1. Beautiful!! We were SO lucky to have her. <3


    1. Yes, we really were so very fortunate to have her and to be loved by her... ^_^

  2. Really beautiful Sheen...I can't believe its already been a year...miss her so much!

    1. I know what you mean...much has happened in one year and yet at the same time, it went quickly....she loved you so much, you really meant a lot to her.