Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Refreshed Attitude, Refreshed Blog

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

It has been a long while since I last posted. My family changed so much since my Mom, Marilyn, died July 15th of last year. So it makes sense that a devastating life event like that will sooner or later create changes in equilibrium both within ourselves and as a whole family...change is hard, often painful and allowing others to change can be just as difficult yet united we all are in loving Mom ... she was a wonderful Mother and Meme - she lives forever in all of us.

Kiew-nik's Valentine's Day Card

Personally, my relationship with my partner has gone through some shifts that have been challenging and now we are taking steps to reconcile issues that have been between us. I have been learning how to truly let go, and in doing that forgiveness comes and releases us. It requires honesty with myself and with Kiew-nik. It's a beautiful process to go through because I feel so "bare" sometimes but I trust him enough to be me. In the meantime, our boys continue to be a source of inspiration - they see fun and beauty where others may not.
Kiew-nik & Isaac Building Our Valentine's Gingerbread House
I have heard from Native Elders that children chose us before they are born - I always thought that it was for what we had to teach them. Now I think it's a choice based on what they can teach us, the parents.

Momma (me!) , Ethan and Isaac
I mentioned changes: My Dad, Andrew Nicholas, is getting married soon to a lovely woman, Carolyn Saulis. I can say that I am truly happy for them, I have seen how the sadness and loneliness was wearing him down despite him being very active and social. Now he has a spring in his step and his laughter reaches his eyes. I know in my heart that Mom had a hand in guiding Dad to someone who can walk with him for the rest of his journey in this world.
Dad & Carolyn's Valentine's Card 2014

I feel Mom around me, I prayed for this, to feel her presence more than feeling her loss. Her Spirit has a light, warm feeling and I talk to her often because I need her now as much I ever did. Her card reflects her: she loved green and loved floral prints plus it's trendy (she always knew the latest):
Mom's Birthday Card, January 18th, 2014
As for my card-making, I continue to find inspiration and though production waned at times, it still kept going because it feeds my soul to create cards. I have had some orders and have made many for family.

A Valentine's Card for Oona and Family

Oona's Birthday Card & Envelope
Valentine's Day Card for Isaac
Cindy McCarthy's Valentine's Day Card  2014
Our little butterball, Isaac Andrew Kiew-nik, turned 5 years old on February 27th, 2014 - we are both so proud of him, he is so kind, out-going, smart as smart, artistic, a good dancer and singer...an overall stellar person who shines from within and always will! We told him he was our cottage cheese, blueberry, cotton candy, rolled-ear 9 pounder....omg such an honour to be his Mom!!
Isaac's 5th Birthday Party 2014
Isaac Andrew Kiew-nik
Born February 27th ,2009
4:30 a.m. 8 lbs. 15 oz.
Dr. Chalmer's Hospital
So the blog is refreshed and that reflects how I feel...still me but a fresher new attitude...feels like a good year to me!
Love To All

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