Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long time, No Blog - Happy Sunday!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for so much time passing since my last post...a combo of things going on with me. I have been sick and fighting depression which is not entirely surprising. It hit me all of a sudden that I'm not going to see my Mom tomorrow, next week... or ever again. One morning, I was half awake and I said to myself "I'll ask Mom's advice on that" ... yup, the pain of loss can hit hard. My Aunt, Linda (The Milk Witchstopped by this past week and it was so wonderful to talk with her. One of the things she suggested that I do is to burn some sweet grass and talk to Mom-mom whenever I want to talk to her. I got some sweet grass from my Dad yesterday and I know that will help - leave it to Linda to help me find her!

We traveled last weekend to Kouchibouguac Park to swim in the ocean and stayed overnight with my Aunt Gert and her partner, Marlene in Indian Island, N.B. My Aunt was with her Mom, Laura so Marlene was our host. What a wonderful, interesting person she is - so generous and down-to-earth...I could go on and on about her, she's truly the best. Her and I stayed up late cooking and eating lobster, talking away...the next morning she made the biggest breakfast ever and then we were on our way. Back to the beach, where we were really popular for some reason, talked to people, the boys made friends, we all swam and then suddenly the dark clouds came  - with hail!! That's when you realize how long the boardwalk is - when hail is hitting you like crazy!! People certainly are kind: a stranger used his beach umbrella to shield the boys and Kiew-nik all the way (no room for me but that's okay because Kiew-nik had to carry Ethan who is very heavy!) . A huge thank you to that kind man!! 

We drove home and the next day went to Uncle Barry's Birthday Party - it was so fun to see family and friends. Bonus: got to see Marcie Francis and her partner, Paul. Marcie is from Elsipogtog First Nation and I don't get to see her that often. We used to see each other more in Ottawa, Ontario (oh those Ottawa days!) where we both lived for a few years.

I have done a few YouTube videos because I'm still card making (even though I haven't been blogging lately):
Uncle Barry's Birthday Card & Envelope
The video explaining the card:

A thank you card I made for Marlene and Auntie Gert:
Aunt Gert & Marlene's Thank You Card
This is the corresponding video:

This weekend has been another good one: Tony's Graduation Party was yesterday. We are all so proud of Tony - top marks in all subjects - now that's a huge accomplishment!! Again, friends and family aplenty, good food, good conversation ... I think of Mom and she would be so happy that we are all sticking together and celebrating life - I love you Mom and we wouldn't be who we are without you!!!

Final note: made a card for Tony's Mom, Chatawna who celebrated her birthday on August 7th:
Chatawna's Cherry Tree Birthday Card
This is the video to go with it:

I thank all of you for reading my blog and for watching my videos. I have had some good responses and helpful suggestions so keep sending the comments and e-mails:
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Peace To All!!


  1. we had lots of fun and enjoyed the trip
    and ya know, we're never lost as long as we're together. I Love you Sheena Happy Birthday :D

  2. Thank you, Hon - it was fun and you are so right we have never been lost since we met... <3